SUNNY 3D imager

Ideal computer vision platform for Robotics

API support for ROS/Win/Linux

Full API support for Robotics application platform

Open access to embed linux

SSH, Serial port accessible Node.js, OpenCV installed

Open Source

Open Source sample applications

Compact Module design

Compact module allows you to integrate into your own system

3D data along with color information

Allow you to have 3D point cloud data with 2D image data with color information

Mobile APP

Help you connect and control the board

SUNNY Mars 3D imager

Up to 45 fps data output in real time for 3D dynamic capturin;
High accuracy point cloud output with 224x172 resulation error < 1%;
1344x760 RGB Video output;
Anti interface against strong light, applicable for wide range of environments;
Small size, low power consumption, easy to integrate;
Integrated with embeded deep sensing algorithm platform, easy to call for the backend;
Classified with user class I, no harm to human eye.

More Product Features

KongMing 3D Face Sensing Edge Computing Suit

Depth image Support depth max resolution 800*1280 pixels
RGB image RGB Suppoerts WDR 1920x1080 pixels and performs excellent in dark light, strong light and back light codition
IR/Depth Suppoert IR image depth image TD-Output
Working Range 0.33m-1.2m
Depth Precision 1mm@0.6m
Depth FOV H560° V68° , Maximum use of visual field for facial proportions
3D face Detection Support ROI.

More Product Features


Build your own
visual driven robot


Use camera as the
controller input


Feel free to take control
of electronics


Hard to imagine
your creative mind

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